Karen The Tarot Diva has been appearing as a guest on 92.9’s Miller in the Morning Show for over a year, reading Tarot cards for callers, appearing at the station’s holiday parties and in general just hanging around.

Today, Karen (a freshly minted divorcee), has agreed to be a part of Bob Miller’s social experiment called Date the Diva.

Date the Diva is a contest where listeners can win a chance to date someone who describes herself as “medium maintenance” and “matured a lot since the last time I went on a date which was ten years ago.”

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1. Participants must fill out the Date the Diva entry form. Be creative and don’t try and give an answer just because you think it’s the right one. The Diva will know if you cheat; remember that she is psychic.

2. Every week between today and April 1, Bob and Karen will go through the applications and do a radio interview with the candidate who has the most captivating responses.

3. On Monday, April 1, a WINNER will be chosen among the finalists, and this lucky guy will spend a “DREAM DATE WITH THE DIVA” (and her chapperone Bob Miller)  where they will participate in a myriad of local activities that might include: roller skating, tango lessons, dining at a fancy-schmancy restaurant and more!